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Ants use Sun and memories to navigate


Ants are even more impressive at navigating than we thought. Scientists say they can follow a compass route, regardless of the direction in which they are facing. It is the equivalent of trying to f


Top 7 Sold Cards in 2016


With a large number of cars being released by several manufacturers every year in the Indian market, competition for a larger chunk in the sales pie has become fierce. Let us take a look on how fierce


Donald Trump Quotes Batman


On Friday, Donald Trump, the President quoted a line from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy finale: The Dark Knight Rises.


Zidane Takes Blame


Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane insists he is responsible for the European champions’ back-to-back defeats as they look to return to winning ways when Malaga visit the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday.


5 Ways of Protecting Nature


It’s already past high time to do your share for environment. Our planet is indeed gasping for breath at present. So start with simple things that can make a big difference. We must remember that natu


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