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GYM Tips (Part 1)

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GYM Tips (Part 1)


Attaining fitness by daily visit to a gym is a given. But you need a rock solid approach. It all begins with believing you are capable of positive change. When your gym confidence is working full throttle, you start to see progress. Confidence, when attenuated and used in a motivating way, has the potential to create a life you never knew you were capable of. Try to avoid negative thoughts such as “I’ll never be as fit as him” or “I’ll never be able to live that life.”


It is a common misconception that Gym attire should be old clothes you wouldn’t wear anywhere else. My question is why not give your gym attire just as much respect as you do the rest of your wardrobe. If I can’t change your mind switch to lifestyle gym clothing, it sports an athletic look wherever you promote this. Being comfortable in your appearance helps you know you’ve put your best foot forward. It allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Look for moisture-wicking/ Dri Fit/Climate/Heat Gear materials. They pull sweat away from your body and onto the clothing that improves your performance. These clothes offer enhanced circulation and moisture evaporation. Wear pieces that accentuate your physique but still allow room for breathability and movement.



My advice is to cater a flat sole shoe, when performing squats, dead lifts, or other lifts involving level feet plantation it is advisable. Choose footwear that doesn’t compress: wrestling shoes, weight training shoes, Converse, etc. For the joggers and treadmill runners ; choose a running shoe that’s specifically engineered to protect against ground impact.


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