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Vastu for Office helps to reach targets

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Vastu for Corporate Companies,MNC GROUPS

“When peace is near to us, we reach our goals. Vastu for Office helps to reach targets”

Most of the CEO/Chairman/MD/CMD/Directors were educated and some body may don’t like to follow vastu for their office premises. But this is a science, which provides us peace. When peace is near to us, we reach our goals. Vastu for Office helps to reach targets, what else we are looking for? One has to worry regarding actual placement of the office placement visa vis other layouts. One must take into account the neighborhood of the office premises even those outside your own perimeter. We have to check the influence of other properties such as water bodies, tall constructions etc. Even the approach road or passage to the office (in  a large hall) is equally important. It is very difficult to explain in detail every aspect here. Discuss this with anvastu expert to help you in this regard.

  • Chairman or the General Manager chamber can be located in South-West (Nairuthi) or Southern or Western parts of the structure. It is desirable that he should sit in theSouth-West corner of his chamber in such a way that he faces East or North. If its multi storied office complex his chamber should be at the lowest floor. Usually Keep/place a heavy safe in the Southwestern corner of the room, in which important documents, papers about company’s assets, files of important projects, cash etc are stored.Embedding it in the wall is also a good idea or it has exposed openly at Southwest part on a high dais / platform / solid rock bench. Similarly earmark a place in the North-West area of his room where files which need to be attended by other officers.
  • The middle management cadre staff should be placed in North & East  Effort should be made to keep the center of the premises to be always clean. Usually cordon it off and place a floral motif on the floor, a piece of art, or the image of a deity to keep it tidy. Southeast is the corner for Fire, or appliances which generate heat. Earmark the South-Eastern or Agneya area for placement of Generators, Inverters, Electric Meter, main Power Switch, Computer servers, even the pantry.
  • If its an accounts office while seating remains as already told his cash box or almirah should be kept on his Southern or Western side such that it faces North or East. If the office contains large number of files kept in almirah or cup boards such racks should be kept on Southern or Western sides of the office again they face East or North as case may be.
  • If there are passages in the office for regular moment of personal at the end of the passage there are cabins for the offices ensure that such passages are ending on the exalted sides of the cabins. The cabin doors should also be appropriately placed on the exalted sides only.
  • Visitors should sit towards East or North. If there is a pantry it should be best towards Southeast of the office. If there is a toilet it may be towards Northwest.
  • A well placed aquarium or a fountain will have a soothing effect on the customers and guests. If the acquarium is small in size when compare with office premises Northeast room is the best site, this is possible only when the entrance is in Northeast. If the acquarium is large in size locate it in South or West or even Southwest. Here also entrance counts.
  • A well finished old door looks mature and respectable, and indicates stability and promises better business. An old and shabby door which does not open freely, has a missing door knob should be repaired immediately.
  • Broad entrance is important, remove the dirty furniture, well ventilated and good lighting brings luck to the premises. Bad odors, stink, dirty walls may keep away the clients, customers, friends, profits and needed persons.
  • If there are permanent shelvings on the walls where files or articles or kept away that are not frequently used such shelvings should only be towards South or Wes never towards North or East.
  • Create a pleasing atmosphere which attracts customers. This is the primary condition. Use balanced lighting, fresh flowers, soothing colors, aesthetic interior decoration, sound-absorbent flooring and piped music to create the desired atmosphere. Display your company’s products, their photographs, or brochures about your services in the lobby or reception area. The products or the literature should be well lit by focused lights. Customer must be attracted towards them as soon as he enters the reception area.
  • It is important to ensure that no one should be sitting directly under a beam. If it is so, then the work desk needs to be shifted. This also applies to computers and other equipment. In like manner, there are specific directions for parking, toilets, warehouse, customer waiting area, stairs, elevators, external surroundings, direction of the main entrance of the building and so on.

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