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Traditional food style of Indians

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Recommended dietary guidelines according to age and health condition of the consumer, and seasonal considerations are presented for each of the traditional health foods of India. In the era of globalization of the population and international food trading, health conscious citizens around the globe will benefit from the wealth of knowledge on traditional Indian and ayurvedic health foods of Indian origin.

Unlike a fad diet, the dietary practices in Ayurveda encourage a conscious way of living.  Ayurveda is a way of embracing food as life-giving energy, and a way of understanding how your individual nature and the influences around you determine how well your food will serve you. Ayurveda explains that your dietary needs and your digestion are affected by the rhythms of nature and the changes that occur in your life. Living an Ayurvedic lifestyle is to make food choices that are based not only on your original Dosha, but according to the quality of the food, the current season and your location.  Example: the influence of a hot, heavy, humid, Floridasummer day can be balanced by a cool, light, dry, leafy-green salad. The time of day also has its influence according to Ayurveda. 10 am to 2 pm is the period dominated by Pitta (fire and water) and is considered the best time of day to eat your largest and most complex meal as your digestive fire or Agni is strongest.  The cycle of life is yet another determining factor in conscious eating.  As we grow older we enter the Vata (air and ether) time of our lives, Agni may weaken and vital tissues become dryer. By eating smaller, more frequent, warm, moist and nutrient rich meals, like hearty soups, you can maintain a balanced state of health.

 As a practice based on science and spirit, Ayurveda encourages you to prepare and eat your food in a peaceful, loving and pleasant environment; and to greet your food with reverence, acknowledging its source with gratitude.

 The enduring principles of Ayurveda beautifully express the essential nature of eating mindfully and gratefully as a path to living healthfully and happily..

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