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The Fashion and Popularity of Kerala Saree

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The sarees are simple and yet they are elegant. You can wear them in all occasions. The sarees come in all styles and designs. The climate and the natural setting of the place speak of simplicity in style and show. There is only one Kerala style and in the wear you appear completely natural and perfect in the wear. Most women wear the saree in the draping style especially the women in the rural areas love to wear the saree in the perfect style. In Kerala the set saree and the set Mundu follow the similar style. The set saree closely resembles the set Mundu fashion. The set Mundu is the traditional style. You find the origin of the apparel in the Sattika variety. This is the variety common in Jainism and Buddhism. Till the time the Set Mundu is considered to be the Kerala costume fashion. The Kerala textile has been popular since the British era. In fact, the fashion is popular internationally. People all over the world are always in look of the specific style and fashion in saree.

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