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Freedom on my money 💰. People are asking whats the problem with 4500 rupee

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Freedom on my money 💰 


People are saying what's the problem with a 4500/- daily ATM limit and 24,000 per week limit?

I say, no problem, I don't even require so much cash every week.

My problem is that the limit takes away my freedom to deal with my own money. 

It is not the RBI's money, it is not the Governments Money, it is my own money which is in the bank because the representative currency was made illegal and my money captured into a bank account.

My problem is that I no longer have access to something I own.

My problem is that the banks have proven to be reckless with my money and their non-performing assets are rising by the day.
As of yesterday their non-performing assets were reported to have risen by 4,40,000 Crores! 

How do I trust such banks, bankers and the banking system loosely regulated by the Reserve Bank of India?

What if somebody took away your car and told you that you can drive it for 20 kilometers only every day and 200 Kilometers in a week and made changes in the fuel tank in such a way that you can not exceed those limits? 

That the car will not move an inch on a daily basis if you drove it for 20 Kilometers?

Would that not take away your freedom?

My money is my freedom and an attempt at taking away my money by a force of law is an assault on my freedom.

In other words this government has encroached on my fundamental right to freedom.

And that is my real problem. Is it not yours?

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