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AMP and SEO Expectation on Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

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Updating in the SEO is too much integrated with the need of the time and so the reason for further changes does get moved with the urgency of the existence. Last year it was all about the prominence of the mobile friendly web pages and now it has been replaced with Google’s AMP. With the new launch of the technology, it is definite that one should foresee the impact of the AMP in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  • Understanding AMP in Detail

AMP is clearly open source software that can be used by the web masters for conveniently loading mobile optimized contents easily on preferred devices. Recently Google made clear of its priorities like adding up of videos, animations and ads, all these must be loaded easily without any mess.  They want a standard code applicable to all devices that is making things easier for the contents to get updated on all types of device with same principle. In other case different source code has to be updated depending upon its flexibility to a particular data and so with this open source you can use any kind of mobile, tablets, laptop etc.

  • The technicality of Google AMP

In fact the AMP rides on the existing application of the Google and it strongly supports the users in loading the Web-pages easily. Moreover it supports the owners in loading light weight web pages with maximum optimization. The application which is powered by JavaScript, works differently from a mobile optimized version. According to the experts, the desktop version can be considered as the standard or the most preferred version. Whereas the AMP and mobile version do have its own specification that gives both of them an individual space of performance. In AMP the website masters can do upload the ad directly just by considering the size and view of the application.

  • Is AMP meant for a particular website type?

Even though AMP focuses with different scale, it is not exclusively meant for a particular website type. Instead it do support the new contents that are published online and is often as listed as the top search result in the AMP activated phones. Along with that it does support the websites that are into ecommerce business.

The need for updating your website to AMP is very much important as the strategy for a successful marketing. This is mainly because the application has strong effects on the search engine filtering and also on improving the interest rates of your advertisements online. In a way the AMP has strong similarity with mobile responsive pages, trying to get in the same track of relevance as the former.

  • Why AMP has become a criterion for Google?

As a web surfer, you might know the most common thing that makes you distressed. Definitely, dragging search results and so everything that works for making it in the perfect rate can develop user interests. The Google, as the most used search engine wants to make it the best when it comes to browsing results. And in case if they fail to achieve that part, the superiority of their rank in the market can be lagged, in spite of their current status.

  • The Role of AMP in SEO

The reality is that AMP has not yet been certified as a ranking factor and so cannot guarantee top ranking with its addition. But can contribute to ranking, if all other factors keep the equilibrium of being perfect. Even though all such conditions persist it is true that without a mobile friendly website, it is harder to be successful in the marketing strategies. The recent analysis has proved that combined use of mobile and Google is increasing so much today, the urge for information at any time is complementing to the practice. And even if the direct impact of the AMP on SEO is very much less, the importance of the application among the mobile users is being recognized.

In short the main aim of Google by choosing the AMP is to blend the application and device to give the best user experience. It wants the information to reach out to their audience with less processing time and that too without any alertness.

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